Rush Service (Econo-Sheets)
Our Econo-Sheet Custom printed Stickers are Full Color Custom Printed Stickers that are ready to ship in just 1 business day. (Sometimes even the same day). But if you don’t need Tattoos for a week, or need more than 500 tattoos, then our standard Commercial Grade Custom Stickers may be what you need.

How are Econo-Sheet Stickers different from our other Commercial Grade Custom Printed Stickers?
Unlike our regular Commercial Grade Stickers that are printed on rolls of weather-proof material, on our large commercial press, Econo-Sheet Stickers are printed on sheets using our digital press. This process allows us to print your order in one business day., however the sticker colors will not last as long in out door use.

Unlike our regular Commercial Grade Stickers that last years in all sorts of weather, the Econo-Sheet Stickers last several months before they begin to fade and peel.

Reasons to buy Quick-Tattoos versus commercially made custom tattoos: